The new Myspace profile is here! It's more than a single page – you now have an entire website that's all about you, your content, and your fans!

  • Customize to make it yours
  • Promote your content
  • Build a fan base
  • Get discovered
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Myspace makes it easy for you to upload your photos, songs and videos so your fans can enjoy them. Your existing fans will thank you. Your new fans will discover you!

  • Did you know that fans love looking at your photos? They really do!
  • Promote your songs on your profile. Get lots of plays and get famous!
  • Got video? Let your fans see you in action.
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Myspace has the most engaged music audience in the world. Your fans want to hear from you, and tell you they LOVE your music. We make it easy.

  • status (now with Twitter sync)
  • blog
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We go so much deeper than play and friend counts. Learn about your fans and what matters to them. Use the information to achieve world domination.


  • Where fans live and how old they are
  • Which songs and videos they like
  • When you did something, what happened
  • How you're trending
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Hear your fans scream as you rush the stage. But first you’ve got to tell them where you're going to be! They check your Myspace first – trust us.

  • Promote your tour dates
  • Sell tickets
  • Notify your fans
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We're working to bring you good deals and tons of options. If you’re not currently selling tracks from your Myspace profile, we have partnered with a number of vendors who will help you do so.

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Artist Services


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