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    FR : Bienvenue dans le récit inquiétant de GARNER ! ou les tribulations d’un artiste un peu dérangé par ses luttes, ses adversités et ses chagrins. Avec son premier album (dEPOT214/Green l.f.ant), GARNER renoue avec la notion d’album concept. Le trio (Nicolas Rambaud : Chant/Guitare, Didier Fontaine : Batterie, Laurent Stelleman : Basse) propose un rock nerveux et organique, traversé par l'électricité de Hendrix. On y retrouve toute l'énergie et l'urgence d'un At the Drive-in ou d'un Shellac, doublées d'un sens mélodique hérité de Jeff Buckley. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************** NL : Welkom in het beklemmende relaas van GARNER !... of de avonturen van een lichtjes gestoorde kunstenaar, opgevreten door zijn zieleroerselen, zijn tegenslagen en zijn verdriet. Met hun eerste plaat (dEPOT214/Green l.f.ant) poogt GARNER terug aan te knopen met de notie van concept album. Het trio (Nicolas Rambaud : Zang/Gitaar, Didier Fontaine : Drums, Laurent Stelleman : Bas) serveert een nerveuse en organische rock, doorkruist met Hendrixiaanse elektrische sappen. Men kan er alle energie en drang in terugvinden van een At the Drive-In of een Shellac, overgoten met een zin voor melodie die aan Jeff Buckley herinnert.
  • Members

    Nicolas Rambaud : Guitar/Vocal.. Didier Fontaine : Drum.. Laurent Stelleman : Bass
  • Influences

    Shellac, Primus, Hendrix, Jeff Buckley, At the Drive-in
  • Sounds Like

    Shellac, Primus, Hendrix, Jeff Buckley, At the Drive-in


Enter the restless narrative of GARNER! These are the excerpts of a slightly disturbed artist through his struggles, adversities and heartache.

GARNER’s self-titled rock production is sometimes disturbing, often questionable in content, and filled with ironic perspectives on real life. That’s ok, he sees a shrink in I’ll Pay You to help take care of this. With the follow up tracks you quickly learn it probably didn’t work. Oh well, it leads you into an album that is hard in impact with unthought of perspectives.

Musically it may feel decidedly unbalanced, at least at first. Often edging on musician’s music the rhythms quickly catch up with the surprised listener leaving them with a bit of meat to bite into and a reasonable neck pain from the headbang the next morning.

GARNER was born in spring of 2007. They play an edgy enduring rock with the urgency of ‘At The Drive-In’ and ‘Shellac’. This meets head-on a sense of melody inherited from Jeff Buckley, and the electrical boost and deep coolness of Northwest Corner American rock.

GARNER is a three-man Brussels based group including: Nico Rambaud : guitar/vocals Didier Fontaine : drum (Deus, David Byrne, Pierre Vervloesem), Laurent Stelleman : bass (Monsoon, Lunascape, Goudi)

GARNER signed with dEPOT214 Records in the beginning of 2009. Their debut album (mixed by Rudy Coclet) was released on the February 27th, 2010 at the MusicBrussels Opening Party and was well received. Live, GARNER offered an amazing show to a “none prepared” audience and started to build his reputation on it. GARNER continues as one of the original four of the music collective MusicBrussels.


GARNER Album (2009)


Get the album below :



ONLINE E-SHOP / dEPOT214 records



GARNER Pictures


MusicBrussels SHOWCASE in BERLIN

13.06.10 - Playground 2010 (Berlin)
Live at KenFM on Radio Fritz

Listen to Ken FM SoundByte Here

GARNER Concert : at musicBrussels Opening Party on the 27th of February 2010



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For booking or further information on GARNER and other inquiries :
Nico Rambaud =


Heaven (Live studio - summer 2011)

I'll Pay You (Live studio - Summer 2011)

Pay you

This is how I used to live


GARNER Review on

GARNER Concert Review (Brussels DNA)

GARNER Review on

“Garner battled a heat-subdued audience to provide a solid and cracking start to what was to be become a great evening.
“ MusicBrussels (Jay Bailey)

“The first album... is a melodic universe. It is somber , seducing and from a particular GARNER who is screaming at us his own suffocation and anguish on a powerfull guitar background claiming an echo of Jimi Hendrix.”
Agenda (BC)

“It is rare in the Belgian landscape that bands dare a rock n' roll adventure. Quite noisy, Garner presents a tensed rock where guitars have the superstar allure. A fresh wind is blowing on our earth. In front of the electric sound of the six strings we are impatient to experience it live.”
'Accroches' Communauté française ( A.L. And N.A.)

“The talents of guitarist Nicolas are undeniable....”
Le Soir (T.C.)

“GARNER is an album which addresses in front of the public a music-lovers nostalgia of the 70s who appreciates the true valuer of a vintage rock genre but is not dated. There is no doubt it is a beautiful performance.”
Music in Belgium (Olivier Wouters)

“One moment you are on edge, in the next lulled into a false sense of security and then DUCK... One rock fan said “It is already my top 10 CD of all time!” But her boyfriend won’t give it back. “
MusicBrussels (SJ)

“The rock of GARNER is very raw and electric to the point of sometimes being hardcore. But it is nevertheless consistently very melodic...the ensemble is extremely impressive in skill and dexterity.”
RifRaf (PF)



FM Brussels (X 2) - Brussels, BE
Together Magazine - MusicBrussels Interview, BE (
Run Radio – Namur, BE
Fritz Radio, KENFM- Berlin, DE
Telé Bruxelles , BE
Les Débranchés: Festival de la Paille -Jodoigne, BE


Concert History

2011 - Concert at the "Churchill's" (BXL, center)

2011 - Concert at the "Libraire" (BXL, St gilles)

2011 - Concert at "Moulin Fantôme" (Tubize)

2011 - Concert at "De Crayon" (Ostende)

2011 - Concert at DNA (Brussels)

2011 – Concert at Atelier Rock (HUY)

2010 – Acoustic Showcase at "Magic Mirror" (Place ste Katherine, Brussels)

2010 – Acoustic Showcase at the FNAC (City2, Brussels)

2010 – Acoustic Concert at the LAVA Cafe (Brussels)

2010 – MusicBrussels Showcase on « Fritz Radio » (Berlin, DE)

2010 – KinkyStar (Gent, BE)

2010 – Evenings of « Dépot214 » with « MusicBrussels » at La Maison des Cultures de St Gilles (Brussels, BE)

2010 – Acoustic showcase at "Run Radio" (Namur)

2010 – Taverne du Théatre, in the 1st part of the « Run, Walk ! » (La louvière,BE)

2010 – Music Brussels Opening Party at Churchill (Brussels,BE)

2009 - Concert-Maison des Cultures de St Gilles ,Soirées dEPOT214 (Brussels,BE)

2009 – Concert- BeauraingIsNotDead (Beauraing, BE)

2009 – Concert-Brussels summer festival / Museum Square (Brussels, BE)

2009 – Concert- Bulex « JeudiBars » (Brussels, BE)

2009 - Garner Showcase at "The Murmure Café" (Brussels, BE)

2009 - Garner Showcase – “ NewsCafe” (Brussels, BE)

2009 - Concert - "Porte Noire" (Brussels, BE)

2009 - Concert - "Café Dada" (Brussels, BE)

2008 – Festival -’La Paille en Fête’ (Jodoigne, BE)

2008 - Concert - « la fête de la musique » (Houyet, BE)

2008 - Concert - DADA Café (Brussels, BE)

2008 - Concert - Bulex for the "JeudiBars" (Brussels, BE)

2008 - Concert - "Mumure Café" (Brussels, BE)

2008 - Concert - DNA Café (Brusels, BE)


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