• Sundance Movies You Need To Know About

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    The Sundance Film Festival is in full swing right now, running through the 29th in multiple venue locations including Park City, Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Sundance, Utah. While there are over 100 movies (including 89 world premieres) being shown at Sundance this year, only a handful will grab the media’s attention once the festival is over. Here’s our pick for the top ten Sundance movies you’ll want to know about when it’s all said and done.

  • 'Jeff Who Lives At Home' - It's Time For Jason Segel to Grow Up

    by Lee Mills 2 days ago

    Paramount Vantage
    Jeff, Who Lives At Home stars Jason Segel and Ed Helms, so you already know that it’s going to be funny. They play brothers who are each going through their own personal crises-Jeff (Segel) is a 30 year old still living in his parents basement, while Pat (Helms) is dealing with the fact that his marriage around him is crumbling.

  • 'Project X' - Sh*t Happens When You Party Hard

    by Lee Mills 2 days ago

    Warner Bros.
    In Project X, three high schoolers try to catapult into teen royalty by throwing the party of a lifetime…the film’s been described as “Superbad on steroids,” so you know things are going to get out of hand. Way out of hand.

  • A New Sneak Peek at 'Snow White & The Huntsman'

    by Lee Mills 2 days ago

    Universal Pictures
    The story of Snow White is one that’s been told a million times, so we’re excited to see some fresh perspective brought to the classic fairy tale with Snow White & The Huntsmen. After all, I’m pretty sure that whatever version you’re most familiar with, Snow White wasn’t wielding a sword and armor. Last night, a new sneak peek debuted on Top Chef in accordance with Charlize Theron’s guest appearance.

  • Picture This: Vin Diesel in New 'Riddick' Sequel

    by Michael Arcand 2 days ago

    Universal Studios
    It’s been eight years since we’ve seen Vin Diesel in a Chronicles of Riddick flick, but it looks like it is finally going to happen again. While the sequel still doesn’t have a title (that we know of), we do have a few tidbits of info. Diesel himself tweeted the picture below, firing up the rumor mill that production must be under way. Check out the pic and what little we do know about this upcoming film.

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