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  • April 20 2011 - MySpace Developer Blog
    OpenSocial State of the Union on May 12th
    It's hard to believe another year has passed. As such, it's time for another State of the Union for OpenSocial. OpenSocial has grown and changed quite a bit over the last year. No longer is it just a platform for a few social networks to a (...)
  • March 28 2011 - MySpace Developer Blog
    Updated OpenSocial Activities API
    What are your friends up to?We're helping people answer that question with an upgrade of the OpenSocial Activities endpoint! You can use it to retrieve what you’ve been up to, what your friends have been up to, or even just limit it to ce (...)
  • March 18 2011 - MySpace Developer Blog
    Follow-Up: "Protecting Myspace User IDs" Implementation
    We are preparing to roll out our implementation of encrypted user id’s announced in late December: Protecting Myspace User IDs This will affect ALL IFRAME based applications. The two easiest solutions are to either grab the Opensocial token from t (...)
  • March 11 2011 - MySpace Developer Blog
    Simplified off-site login with Myspace ID
    We're always moving to bring more value and improve the experience of working with the Myspace Developer Platform to you, our developers.  As we've upgraded our APIs to support OAuth 2.0 we've also been looking at the experience of d (...)
  • February 03 2011 - MySpace Developer Blog
    Using the Simplified JavaScript API
    The OpenSocial 1.0 spec brought some interesting changes to the Myspace platform, but one often overlooked piece of the 1.0 pie is the new simplified JavaScript API. One of the major complaints about the legacy JavaScript API found in OpenSocial ver (...)
  • January 26 2011 - MySpace Developer Blog
    Legacy REST API Updates to OAuth and Permissions
    Hello. We just wanted to give the development community a heads-up on two changes to our legacy REST APIs we will be making to the platform in the coming weeks.  Neither will require any changes on your part.  The goal of the changes is to (...)
  • December 23 2010 - MySpace Developer Blog
    Protecting Myspace User IDs
    As we continue to evolve our developer platform and to create an environment that most effectively empowers the developer community while at the same time protects the privacy of our users, Myspace is enacting a number of new initiatives related to d (...)
  • December 07 2010 - MySpace Developer Blog
    Open sourcing the Myspace gadget renderer
    Myspace has always been committed to open standards and the open Internet.  The Myspace Developer Platform team is now taking it a step further and will be open sourcing our internally developed Myspace OpenSocial Gadget container.  Now the (...)
  • November 29 2010 - MySpace Developer Blog
    Like Us on Facebook
    We now have a Facebook page dedicated to the Myspace developer community. In addition to our blog, twitter, and newsletter, this is another great place to find news, updates, and events about our platform. Aligned with our continued efforts of commu (...)
  • November 10 2010 - MySpace Developer Blog
    User Homepage App Module Testing
    For the next 1-2 days we'll be conducting some tests on the user homepage app modules on the new Myspace, so don't be alarmed if traffic patterns to your games from that source are irregular during this test.   For users who a) have the (...)
  • November 05 2010 - MySpace Developer Blog
    Watch Today’s Games Webcast
    Thanks to everyone who attended our first ever live webcast for developers. There were a lot of really great questions. For those of you that weren't able to make it, don't worry, you can watch it at your leisure here. The first few seconds g (...)
  • November 04 2010 - MySpace Developer Blog
    Don't Forget! Live Webcast at 3pm PT Today
    Join the event here:  Our live webcast will feature a personal introduction of the new Myspace from Mike Macadaan, our VP of User Experience & Design. Manu Rekhi, GM of Games, will then walk thr (...)
  • November 02 2010 - MySpace Developer Blog
    Erlang Factory Lite conference hosted at Myspace LA on Nov 7th
    Myspace and The BitSource are hosting the Erlang Factory Lite conference on Nov 7th at the Myspace Beverly Hills headquarters.  The event will be free to attend and will run from 11am - 4pm.    The Erlang Lite meeting aims to brin (...)
  • October 27 2010 - MySpace Developer Blog
    Webcast on Nov 4, 2010
    The new Myspace is here, and we couldn't be more excited. We're placing the focus on showcasing games more. Users have more ways than ever to discover popular and relevant games and see what their friends are playing. Check out Manu' (...)
  • October 27 2010 - MySpace Developer Blog
    The new Myspace
    We've just launched the new Myspace, designed to satisfy and showcase what we're all into. Games are more of a focus now - our new site makes it easier for users to discover games and for you to grow and engage with your audience. With the ne (...)
  • October 01 2010 - MySpace Developer Blog
    Updating Permissions on REST API endpoints
    At MySpace we take the privacy of our users seriously.  As we continue to improve the privacy controls and permissions being presented to our users we will be applying these upgraded permission controls to both the newer OpenSocial 1.0 REST APIs (...)
  • September 15 2010 - MySpace Developer Blog
    New App Viral Features
    We've recently introduced three new viral features that we feel will make it easier for games to grow on myspace. Here's a rundown of the new goodies for developers...Enabled Share on myspace for onsite apps. This is an improved way for apps (...)
  • August 30 2010 - MySpace Developer Blog
    MySpace Introduces Sync with Facebook
    Today we're introducing Sync with Facebook,, which allows MySpace users, musicians, and celebrities around the world to sync their status updates with their Facebook profile or Page, while also offering them the ability (...)
  • August 19 2010 - MySpace Developer Blog
    Searching for Games Just Got Easier
    We've recently made some changes to our global search product to allow users to discover games more easily. Our current search product is tabbed by content vertical, so users can search for something within Music or Video. We have now added a Gam (...)
  • August 12 2010 - MySpace Developer Blog
    App Testing on the User Homepage and Profile Surfaces
    Over the past few days we have been testing different options for the amount of apps a user can display on their homepage (UHP) and profile.  Due to this testing, some of your apps may be affected and may not show on the UHP or profile for som (...)

Hot Apps

1. Market Street
2. MindJolt Games
3. Viking Clan
5. Bloodlines

6. Dead or Alive
7. GetGlue
8. War 2 - Dawn of Nations
9. Vampires
10. BirdLand

"Hot Apps" list is based on a mathematical function that scores each App based on App's DAU, Time Spent on the app & # of installs of the app in the trailing 30 days.


The new Myspace is here, and it's fantastic. Check out our latest blog to better understand the changes to games and how they’ll affect developers.

If you were unable to attend our live webcast on November 4th, you can watch the event here.